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    About us

    After years of hunching over our laptops at various jobs through the years, we began to develop chronic pain in our necks, shoulders, and backs. Seeking relief, we spent money on chiropractic care, yoga, and massage therapy. All of the therapies werde effective in their own ways, but we always found ourselves in pain again days or weeks later, booking appointments over and over again. We were desperate for easier, cost-effective relief.

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    The turning point

    Fed up with the pace of our jobs back home, we took a year off and traveld to South East Asia to get a new perspective. We met people who practiced Yoga that understood and sympathized with our pain. We were introduced to acupressure therapies such as shiatsu and acupuncture, which are more commonly used to help relieve pain in Asia.

    Relaxed, inspired and pain-free, we decided to return home and continue on with our newly found acupressure therapy.

    After settling in at home and visiting acupressure therapists, we found that this treatment cost just as much as visiting chiropractors and yoga studio memberships that we were doing before. To make matters worse, it was not covered by our insurance and was just as much of a drain on our schedules and budgets.

    We loved acupressure as a form of relief, but we wanted an affordable, convenient home treatment to treat our pain and soreness immediately without waiting for an appointment.

    The Marilas Mat

    We learned of acupressure mats that resemble a bed of nails as an alternative to visiting a therapist and decided to try them out. Many were uncomfortable, made poorly or expensive, so we thought, "why not create our own?" We set out to build a customized acupressure mat to deliver the relief and therapeutic effects of the acupressure treatments we longed for.

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