Electric Scrubber Brush (3Pcs/Set)

Electric Scrubber Brush (3Pcs/Set)

Electric Scrubber Brush (3Pcs/Set)

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You never have to scrub by hand again!

Cleaning has never been easier!


✔ Ideal for scrubbing bathrooms, kitchen surfaces, tubs, showers, sinks, tiles, grout, also used for car, boat and RV-Drill fixing set.

 Saves time, cleans faster, removes grimy, scum, stains, water stains and years of nasty buildup away.

 These cleaning brushes are suitable for so many different cleaning tasks all year round. All must have brushes after one use.

Scrubbing by hand is such a pain! It can lead to sore wrists, sore fingers and even an aching back. It's also quite time consuming and can take up a considerable amount of your valuable time. Sometimes all of your effort is in vain and those stains just won't disappear, no matter how long you scrub and  removing that dried on tile grout... forget about it! Now, however there's finally a solution to this age-old problem! 

The Electric Scrubber Brush is a set of 3 professional-quality power brushes that fit onto any cordless drill and can blast through tough, challenging, everyday cleaning jobs with ease! These heavy duty brushes will cut your cleaning time in half (or more) when compared to the rigorous effort involved in hand scrubbing and with a much cleaner end result!

Power through burnt-on grime on pots and pansrestore alloy wheels to their former glory, make your car mats and seats like new again, scrub up your boat, RV, motorcycle or decking. You name it, these powerful scrubbers can clean it! In fact professional cleaners love these brushes!

You'll find so many uses for this brilliant product around your home and yard and they'll save you lots of back-breaking effort and pain along the way.

This 3-piece kit is designed to be used with any household cordless drill (not included) and features a quick change shaft on all three brushes.


✔ 3 different brush sizes and shapes for cleaning different surfaces, even in hard-to-reach areas.
✔ These nylon bristles do not scratch the surfaces and can be widely used on cars, bathtubs, washbasins, baseboards, fibreglass shower enclosures, shower door rails and porcelain.
✔ All three brushes have quarter-inch quick-change shafts (cordless drill bit not included). They fit most cordless drills.
✔ Work with a cordless drill for easier and faster cleaning, time savings and labor savings.
✔ Made of high quality material, solid and durable, five colours to choose from.

Package Included:

3 Different Power Scrub Brush Drill Attachments
Drill Not Included.

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