LED Book Light Mini Clip-On

LED Book Light Mini Clip-On

LED Book Light Mini Clip-On

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Continue reading your favorite book without bothering the rest of your beloved ones.

The warm and pleasant light protects your eyes!

✔ The light is illuminated only in the reading position, especially suitable for reading in bed. Without disturbing the rest of the others, the original design of the light barrier ensures that the remaining light on the side is no longer missing

Lighter overall design, smaller size, easy scrolling, easy to carry around campus, park, garden and in dark places for reading and learning can be used as a bookmark.

✔ The l
ight wavelength is close to natural light. Suitable for long time without eye fatigue to read. Brightness can be adjusted, the initial brightness is suitable for reading.

✔ W
ear-resistant, scratch-resistant, removable light barrier prevents scratches on the plates.

Versatile clip-on function: For clipping onto books, trays, autovizers or other surfaces that are 13 mm thick. Enough light to read almost anything, anywhere.

Unique book reading lamp for paperbacks

Reading a book at night in the dark is only possible with good lighting. This book reading lamp is a unique choice.

With a table lamp you can hardly move frequently when reading because you turn off the light. However, this lamp is portable.

You place these over the side and you have a comfortable light source. The format is specifically for paperback books, but you can use the course before other format books. You just have to move it a little bit as you progress through the page.

Package Included:

1 x LED Book Light Mini Clip-On

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