Ring Stripping Pliers

Ring Stripping Pliers

Ring Stripping Pliers

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Trimming, sharpening or quick cutting the dead ends of your plants has never been easier!


  • Three-sided cutting: high hardness, sharper blade, three-sided cutting, can be quickly stripped
  • Rugged and durable: a selection of alloy steel that is not easily damaged and durable
  • Non-slip design: steel core insert handle, anti-slip effect, more comfortable and quick to use
  • Large adjustable range: 3-10cm diameter can be adjusted before and after the blade, which can be easily stripped
  • 4 ring stripping blades: one ring stripping blade can be stripped to size 3, 5, 9 mm

Design and function

Full-hardened, precision-ground stainless steel blade that maintains sharpness even when used in large quantities

Ergonomically designed non-slip handles are sturdy, lightweight and comfortable.

Polished coating ensures long-lasting clarity and easy cutting. Provides anti-impact oxidation, waterproof and reduced oil maintenance.


✔ Full length: 260mm
✔ Maximum open width: 110mm
✔ Airbag material: high quality hardened steel
✔ Blade length: 30mm
✔ Butter material: 52 hardness alloy steel, handle: non-slip TPR
✔ With four ring blades, one ring cutting blade, can be around 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm size.
✔ The blade can be adjusted back and forth, and the diameter of 3-10cm is easy to surround.
✔ The hardness is 52 degrees, the three sides are sharpened, and the thick bark can also be easily surrounded.
✔ Nylon non-slip steel core handle

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