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    Pet Hair Removal Roller

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    Quickly and easily remove all animal hair from furniture and carpets


    ✔ Quick and easy - removes hair and fur from any surface in no time

    ✔ 100% reusable - never again have to buy countless fluff scooters again

    ✔ Uncomplicated and fun - lighter and quieter than vacuum cleaners and especially for children cleaning is now fun

    Product Details

    Keeps your apartment clean quickly and easily
    If your pet has been on the couch again or has scattered his hair all over the bedroom, you can now clean up quickly and easily. With the Pet Hair Removal Roller™ you can remove fur and hair in seconds without having to take the vacuum cleaner out of the closet.

    Various fields of application
    Removes all traces of fur and hair. Can be used on the sofa, carpet, bed, car seat and clothes.

    Easy to use
    No electricity necessary. No sticky tapes. Easy to clean and transport. With built-in compartment for hair. You can catch hair both when rolling forward and backward.

    Durable and Reusable
    Unlike cheaper versions of animal hair removers, our model is reusable and durable. You don't have to worry about changing the roll, nor do you have to buy a new model or extensions after only a few weeks. With the Pet Hair Removal Roller™ this belongs to the past. Made from high quality and animal-friendly PP.


    ***This product is not sold in local pet shops*** 

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