Water Bottle Sprayer

Water Bottle Sprayer

Water Bottle Sprayer

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Easily water your plants today!


 The spray head can be adjusted to look like a jet or straight and can be close or far away.

The thread of the bottle mouth and the rubber sealing ring of the bottle of the spray bottles of the series are unified, and the lower rings of the screws of the air bottle and the pump skirts are unified.

The atomizer can be connected to any standard plastic bottle and mineral water bottle, very practical to use.

Adjust and unscrew the nozzle to obtain the best automatic effect.

Multifunctional: Various fragrances in rooms and public places, spraying of cleaning products, detergents, cleaning agents, and also for cleaning furniture and glass and for ironing water.

Product Details:

Beautiful shape, new structure, easy to use and good atomization.

Adjust the nozzle by loosening and tightening to achieve the desired automation effect.

Small size and light weight, easy to transport.

When to use?

Suitable for disinfecting sanitation, hotels, greenhouses, storage, hen houses, beekeeping; spraying water from flowers, bonsai, nurseries, edible fungi and pest control; small vegetables from agriculture, fights parasites from fruit trees; various perfumes in rooms and public places. Cleaning products, detergents, cleaning products, can also be used to clean furniture and glass and spray water to iron clothes.


Article type: Water spray head
Material: Plastic
Size: Total length: 29 cm

Package included:

1 x Water Spray Head

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