Woodworking Ruler

Woodworking Ruler

Woodworking Ruler

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Your home may be filled with the finest cutting and shaping tools money can buy, but if you don't measure and mark precisely, your project parts will fit like a cheap suit. The woodworking ruler makes you a more accurate woodworker.

What makes our new Woodworking Ruler better than your average yardstick?

  1. It's much more accurate with precise laser engraved markings

  2. It's straighter and heavier

  3. Sits flat because of a recess down the center of the bottom surface

  4. Has both a standard and a center scale

  5. The markings are engraved on a 30 degree bevel for easy alignment to pencil marks. And finally, it looks nicer


Designed for three-dimensional items measurement: wood, tubes, etc. and it can be used as a dial indicator for parallel lines and a drilling guide to determine the diameter of the drill.

Scopes of applications
Easy measurement in length and depth. Ideal for engineers, craft persons, model makers, etc.

Durable and wear-resistant
It is made from durable ABS material and processed exquisite workmanship, durable, wear-resistant, comfortable feel.

Works efficiently
It improves operating efficiency and saves time with carpentry projects.

Portable and lightweight
Whether you are in the office, at home or somewhere, this portable and lightweight measuring tool is practical to carry, you can put it in your tool bag, tool storage box, it will not take place.


Material: ABS


For three dimensional items measuring: timber, pipes etc. Stops for 45 degree and 90 degree angles. Can be used as marking gauge for parallel lines. Drill guide for determining the drill bit diameter. Help you to improve working efficiency and save time with woodworking projects. It is easy to use and can help you to finish work more effective and more consistent.

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